Protecting Our Napa Valley: Saving trees, grapes and ourselves

AUTHOR Amber Manfree May 26, 2019

Global-scale projections of climate change impacts are common, but what about right here, at home? As we look to the future, a clear view can help our community plan wisely and save time, money, and energy.

The biggest effects of climate change in Napa County are likely to be extreme weather, gradually rising temperatures, and loss of native plants and animals. Some of the best tools we have to address these problems are local-scale cooling strategies and conservation of wildlands and waterways.

Napa has had torrential precipitation events the past couple of years, and five years of extreme drought before that. Climate scientists say this may be indicative of the future, and that problems can compound one another. The fires of 2017 were extraordinarily damaging due to extreme weather in the preceding years.

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