We cannot play sleight-of-hand with our carbon budget.

Worldwide, scientists agree that one of the most powerful tools we have available to address the climate emergency are our living, mature trees – the powerful lungs of the ecosystem, with root networks that lock in soil carbon for millennia. Deforestation is counterproductive to stalling climate change.

The Napa County draft CAP offers “mitigations” which often include “preservation” of trees in areas that are already effectively protected, or replanting after deforestation, which leaves us with trees that will take 50 years to mature. In today’s world of exponential temperature increases, forest climate services are needed now, not 50 years after the climate takes a hit.

There is no real mitigation for the loss of our oak woodlands and forests. That is why the United Nations and climate scientists call for an immediate stop to deforestation. We are in a climate emergency and we cannot play sleight-of-hand with our carbon budget. 

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