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2022 Forest Unlimited January Tree Planting

Trees ready for planting.Forest Unlimitd will hold its anual planting of redwood seedlings on January 8-9, 2022.  We will need volunteers!  We will be planting two different sites on two separate days: the Jenner Headlands and a private parcel with a conservation easement on Coleman Valley Road.   We request that voluntters be vaccinated and wear masks when close to others.  Children are welcome accompanied by a parent.  Covid permitting, we will serve a hot lunch.  If you would like to volunteer for one or two days, please contact our Reforestation Manager, Harlie Cruickshant.

Join the fun!

Should We Plant or Protect?

The short answer is: both.  However, it is good to understand that, in terms  extracting climate-changing carbon dioxide from the air, protecting existing mature forests is more effective than planting small seedlings.  It will take decades for a seedling equal the carbon storage of a mature conifer.  Unfortunately we don’t have decades to head off the disasterous effects of climate change.  This video by our friends in Napa County says it better than I can:Watch their video 



Silver Estates Logging Plan Update

Approval of the Silver Estate logging plan adjacent to the Russian River and near the town of Guerneville and home to the tallest redwood in Sonoma County has been postponed again.  The new date for CalFire’s Director’s decision is April 14.  This is the 6th postponement since public comment was closed.  It is still possible to submit public comment although CalFire is not required to respond to comments after the close of comment.  Learn more about this plan here.