Petaluma Tree Planting with ReLeaf

December 10, 2022
ReLeaf Petaluma and Rebuilding Together Petaluma
Six Parks Tree Planting, Phase II
53 Trees in Sunrise Park | 60 Trees in Lucchesi Park
113 Trees Total


ReLeaf  is planting trees again! We continue the Six Parks Tree Planting project with a Phase II planting in Sunrise and Lucchesi Parks on December 10. In April of this year, ReLeaf Petaluma received a second grant from CalFire to plant more trees in our parks. This grant encompasses six parks, all on the east side of Petaluma. As ReLeaf resumes this important project, we invite you to join us in this special event during the holiday season. You can give a gift back to Mother Nature and your community of Petaluma at the same time! Every tree expands our urban canopy which creates multiple benefits for our parks, our neighborhoods, and our environment. Come join us on the journey of planting 10,000 Trees in Petaluma.
Registration 8:30 am
Planting begins at 9:30 am
Lunch provided 12:30 pm

Clean up, Watering, and Final Wrap – 1:00 pm – til

Urban forests are dying.

By Andrew Zaleski June 5, 201

Walk through Baltimore’s neighborhoods, and look up. The fan-shaped ginkgo leaves and ­ruby-red pearls dangling from cherry branches are the literal fruits of how Gene DeSantis has spent the predominant part of his life. On Saturdays, the slight, cap-wearing 57-year-old plants trees. By his count, 15,223 of them over the past 40 years.

For DeSantis, an MVP to local ­greening outfits, the routine began as a form of therapy. The Baltimore native spent some of his childhood in Los Angeles, with an alcoholic stepfather and drug-addicted mother. On the nights his stepfather’s drunkenness turned violent, the young DeSantis climbed trees in the yard to find peace. “Trees became my friends,” he says. “You could say I kind of grew up there.”

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