The following is a list of our current Forest Unlimited Programs. Click on the link for more complete information on each program.

Reforestation Program

Each January Forest Unlimited volunteers plant redwood seedlings in protected locations throughout Sonoma County.  Forest Unlimited has been organizing volunteers to plant redwood and oak seedlings on protected properties throughout Sonoma County for more than a decade.  We want to thank all our volunteers for the many successful plantings over the years to help complete our mission to protect, enhance, and restore the forests and watersheds of Sonoma County.  If you would like to volunteer to help plant, please contact us.

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Logging Review Program

Forest Unlimited monitors the submission of logging plans to the Department of Forestry and Fire Protection (CalFire). We evaluate each plan for potential environmental damage. If we have sufficient resources, we organize a watershed group, train its members to help with reviewing the plan, and support them with information and qualified professionals. We demystify CDF’s review process for them, explain the laws that apply to logging in California and continue to nurture the new group with strategic advice and help with fundraising.

Useful links to CalFire logging plan information.

Current Sonoma County logging plans.

Urban Forestry Program

Forest Unlimited’s Urban Forestry Program encourages cities to protect and restore creek riparian zones, daylight creeks where possible and provide multiuse trails along creeks. Forest Unlimited has three Urban Forestry Projects: 1) Calder Creek Restoration, 2) Roseland Neighbor Wood/Roseland Creek Project and 3) Urban Tree Planting Collective .

Community-Owned Forest Program

A community-owned forest is a way for communities to offset the lumber they use for building with local trees.   We advocate that wastewater treatment plants plant redwoods on their property and irrigate them with their treated wastewater.


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