Napa County Logging Plans

The following Napa County logging plans are of special concern to Forest Unlimited:


This THP is a proposed vineyard conversion near Angwyn in Napa County at the end of Freisen Dr., below wild Lake. It is adjacent to the Dunn-Wildlake preserve so is a wildlife corridor. The project area is 13.6 acres of which 10 acres is forested and will be clearcut to plant vines. This project is in on a dead end road in a highly fire prone area, this project increases the fire potential. The plan says almost 3 acre/feet of water will be used to irrigate the vineyard, dewatering the streams and drying the land. It is also upstream of the water supply for St.Helena and will add sediment to the seasonal streams, Forest Unlimited has submitted extensive comments on this plan detailing these issues.


This plan is within the city limits of  Calistoga.   It was recommended for approval by the Second Review Committee.  This is very important to us and there are some new developments.  This THP proposes logging to develop a subdivision, hotel and resort in the hills west and above Calistoga.  It shows that vineyard development and commercial logging are not the only threats to our forests and water.  This plan was rejected by Calfire following the second review approval because of objections from the Napa Regional Waterboard geologist.  Extensive comments were also submitted by the public and Forest Unlimited to both Calfire and the regional waterboard.  Forest Unlimited continues to work with groups in Calistoga who have been steadfast in their monitoring and objections to this plan.  At the second review, the objections of the Napa Regional Waterboard were answered and the plan approved.

This large proposed development is objectionable because it uses a lot of water in a dry area and requires additional water treatment capacity that the town of Calistoga does not have.  Calistoga is currently in violation of water quality regulations which the Regional Waterboard is forcing them to address through legal action, known as a CDO – “Cease and Desist Order.”  It seems like poor planning for an area that presents itself as a vacation/travel/wine wonderland to allow so much waste to flow into its major namesake watercourse.