Urban Forestry Program

Forest Unlimited’s Urban Forestry Program encourages cities to protect and restore creek riparian zones, daylight creeks where possible and provide multiuse trails along creeks.  Forest Unlimited has two Urban Forestry Projects:  Calder Creek and Roseland Creek.

Calder Creek Project:  We are working with the Sebastopol Creek Stewards to revitalize Calder Creek.   Calder Creek runs from near 1st Street and Leland Street, through Ives Park to the Laguna de Santa Rosa along the Joe Rodota Trail in the Railroad Forest Park.  Much of the creek is hidden in pipes beneath S. Main Street, Petaluma Ave. and two parking lots.  The proposal is to “daylight” the creek (bring it back to the surface), add a riparian forest along the creek as well as extend the Joe Rodota Trail beneath the two branches of Highway 116 to Ives Park.   The banks of the creek in the park would be resloped to provide access to the creek.  Financing would come from grants to the City of Sebastopol and sale of the parking lot between S. Main St. and Petaluma Ave. for commercial development and housing adjacent to the daylighted creek.   Because the creek flows below grade, daylighting and adding a trail would provide a safe pedestrian and bicycle route beneath the state highway.  It would also provide a greenway and habitat link between Ives Park and the Laguna.  If you would like to help with this project, contact us.

Forest Unlimited will continue to work for these improvements when Sebastopol revises its planning documents.

Roseland Creek Project:  Forest Unlimited is working with the Friends of Roseland Creek to develop a park and greenway along Roseland Creek in Santa Rosa.  Roseland Creek flows from Highway 101 west to the Laguna de Santa Rosa.   Portions of the creek host a bicycle trail and the City of Santa Rosa and Sonoma County have purchased land along the creek for a park (which the neighbors call the Neighbor Wood).  The neighbors have fought for years to keep this unusually wild parcel in its natural forested state in the face of a City intent on installing concrete, parking and other development.  In April of 2013, Forest Unlimited cosponsored a creek cleanup and tree planting (mainly oaks) along a portion of creek near Roseland Creek School.   If you would like to participate in future cleanups and planting, contact our Urban and Community Forest Program Manager Duane De Witt.

If you would like to start your own Urban Forestry program with our help, please contact us by email.  You may find these tools useful:

A Research Toolkit for Building the Ultimate Urban Forest

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