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Guerneville Forest Coalition – Silver Estates THP

On July 1st, the Redwood Empire Saw Mill filed Timber Harvesting Plan 1-20-00084-SON, also known as the “Silver Estates” Plan. The document proposes harvesting timber from 224 acres of land stretching to the west of Mays Canyon Road and to the north of Neely Road, across the River from Guerneville. Much of this proposed acreage lies within Scenic Highway Corridor 116.

This is the second time in the last few months that the Silver Estates Plan has been filed. CalFire rescinded the first plan due to errors found within the text. The revised plan still poses a substantial threat to the area’s environmental health and scenic beauty, and admits that the adverse effects from previous projects in the area may exacerbate the negative impacts of the proposed activities.

Click on the link for more information and what you can do.

Friends of the Gualala River – Dogwood THP

“The Dogwood THP includes logging 342 acres of second-growth and mature redwood forest within the sensitive floodplain of the Gualala River. The THP area is located close to the Sonoma County Gualala Point Regional Park Campground, extending up river to Switchville, at the Green Bridge, and continuing along the South Fork which flows parallel to The Sea Ranch and directly across from, and beyond, the “Hot Spot.” Additional tracts of land containing large redwoods are included in the expansive THP including units beyond twin bridges and along creeks in the Gualala River Watershed.”

To support litigation to stop this logging, visit the Friends of the Gualala River website.

July 14, 2020 Update: Fight over Gualala River logging plan heads to federal court (The Press Democrat)

Friends of Felta Creek – Timber Harvest Plan 1-17-017-SON

“As wild Coho salmon have disappeared in every tributary of the Russian River watershed over the past decades, Felta Creek remains the rare exception. Even in the low fish years of 2006 and 2008, endangered wild Coho salmon survived in the shady pools of this boulder strewn west county stream. But the fate of this fragile habitat now lies in the hands of an absentee landowner with an aggressive logging agenda.” Read more

This Timber Harvest Plan to log the headwaters of Felta Creek, proposed in 2017 and then withdrawn after a successful lawsuit, is back again. See the Friends of Felta Creek website for more details on the THP and updates on their lawsuit.

Support Friends of Felta Creek through Forest Unlimited with the donation button in the sidebar.

Oak Woodland Ordinance

Oak Woodland Petition: Sonoma County’s development policies do not sufficiently protect valuable oak woodlands. These forests are just as important to watersheds and wildlife as are redwood forests. The present policies allow tree removal for a nominal fee, allow exemptions for large agricultural developments and allow removal of trees along highways even when they are not a hazard. You can encourage our Supervisors to protect oaks by circulating and signing our Tree Petition.

Roseland Neighbor Wood

Residents of Roseland in Southwest Santa Rosa have been fighting to protect a parcel on Roseland Creek from development for years.  The parcel with a mature oak forest is now owned by Santa Rosa and is designated to be developed as a city park.  The city has for several years tried to add parking, soccer fields, a dog park and a paved trail.  The neighbors want development limited to restrooms and a bicycle trail on the south side of the park.  The bike trail would connect to the existing pathway along the lower reach of Roseland Creek.  The Friends of Roseland Creek want a natural park with an intact riparian zone and a natural oak woodland.  But Santa Rosa persists and the locals resist.  If you would like to help defend the Roseland Neighbor Wood, contact Duane De Witt.

Jackson Demonstration State Forest

CalFire does a poor job of managing this State Forest.  We have joined forces with the Mendocino Trail Stewards to reform CalFire’s mandate.  Please visit their site and view the video Forest Unlimited help fund.

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